Let's play the game?
Get unique NFTs and
collect Memes in the Game
and so get a chance to win a huge prize
For our most attentive fans:
Save your results in the table and try to get more scores! All leaders up to the 30th place will receive a reward
Your turn:
If you want to peed up your queue by a third:
share the link and invite your friends. When they join, your turn will be sped up
OR enter the promo code and pass without waiting in line
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Asquids game
Play the Game to get unique NFTs and win tokens
Game Tips:
  1. Invite your friends to increase the prize!
  2. save your scores on the scoreboard while playing! Top 30 get rewards
Your Queue Number:
When queue ends, page refreshes for the game. Wait may be days.
Game starts here when it's your turn

To speed up your turn by 1/3 share the link with friends
If you have a promo code from influenza, skip the line